The Team

  • zb14
  • Zeldaboy14

    Dedication to make an updated version.

    Z64 hacker of nearly 10 years of experience in all areas.

    Current team leader.

  • flo
  • Flotonic

    Originally a team leader

    Currently a side team leader

  • spaghetti
  • Saguinetti/CrookedPoe

    Originally the right hand leader of the project

    Original team member

    RIP Saguinetti. Our dear late friend.

  • aria
  • Aria Hiro

    Assisting with anything decomp the project uses.

    New team member.

  • airkita
  • airikitascave

    Helped with some early ASM (specifically Jabu Jabu Doors)

    Original Team member

  • ganondork
  • Ganondork123

    Helped with original map development

    Original team member

  • And many others not listed, but thanks for helping!